Saturday 11 April 2015

Chapter 1: My wait never ended!!

My life started normal like any other girls. Similar childhood, similar motor skill developments, similar schools, etc. Then one day I came to know about one new thing – periods. Wow strange thing which happens to a girl when she reaches her puberty. Actually one of my classmate got her periods that day and she was crying like hell and I with other friends were discussing about this new thing.. Some told they already had their periods and some other told they hadn’t yet. I was one of them who had not her periods yet. Though I felt it a bit scary but I started waiting for the day when I would have my periods :)

I reached my fourteen, fifteen… what’s happening?? No periods yet… My sisters told my mom to see the doctor. My mom took me one of her known doctor. The doctor gave me some medicines for ten days. I had those medicines expecting that my periods would start soon. But after ten days.. NO PERIODS.. Then my mom went to the doctor and she asked for my ultra sound.

Mu father took me one of the diagnosis centers. One of my cousins accompanied me. My reports came. I did read the report but couldn’t understand anything. My mom took the report to the doctor…. After that what happened I did not come to know.

The same evening I found the atmosphere of my house a little weird. All my family members were sitting together and discussing something serious. When I entered into the room, they called me and told me that I have left ectopic kidney (displaced kidney). I got worried but I remember I took it lightly at that time. They told me just that thing. But there was something else that I could sense. Something was wrong..

They took me to another doctor, a famous doctor of my town. While the doctor was examining me, she asked me what am I studying and told me to study hard and seriously. I found it a bit weird. Then they called my parents and asked me to wait outside. When they came out they told me that I would have my periods later as I have a slower growth than any normal girl. I believed them but still my sixth sense was telling me something was wrong.

I crossed my 16th, 17th, 18th birthday.. No periods.. Nobody in the family was concerned about my absent period. I started thinking that nobody cares about me. Whenever I wanted to talk about this topic to my mom or my sisters they simply used to ignore this. It started frustrating me. I was going into depression but I was not aware of.

When I was 22 years old, I lost all my patience. I questioned about my condition. I asked them why they weren't taking me to the doctor. Why am I not having periods? They had the answer but nobody dared telling me. Finally, my second sister broke her silence and told me the fact of not having periods. She told me I don’t have uterus. That moment.. my sixth sense felt proud of it. I got the answer and something broke into my heart. My tears rolled off.. Then my mom gave me her lap to cry on. My dad tried to console me with his words. But all was not enough to relieve me. That was a confirmation day for me that I'm not normal, I'm different from others and i would never ever have my periods...

And wait for my periods never ended…

Sunday 22 February 2015

My first post in my blog

I am Purbi and I have MRKH syndrome. Most of you might have heard this term for the first time. That's why I am here. I want to bring awareness about "MRKH syndrome especially in my country India because in developed countries like US, UK people are already aware and working towards it. This is my small step towards bringing awareness about the syndrome. I hope I will be heard. I hope you understand me, my journey, my problems, my feelings. I will come up with lot many posts about MRKH, different aspects of my life which is perhaps the outcome of MRKH, my surroundings.
Thanks for reading my posts.